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Pediatric Department at Aryan Hospital

Pediatric (known as the Healer of children) is the department of medicine that focuses on the growth development, healthcare and diseases of infants and children. General medicine is a specialty that focuses on adult care. It covers symptoms, diagnosis, staging treatment (extent of cancer found on the affected organ or area) and many others. 

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Pediatric and general medicine treat children and adults who have a wide range of conditions that involves problems such as digestion, endocrine, infections, respiratory illness, nutrition, and feeding issues. But children are also subject to another infectious disease such as the tooth decay which can be prevented by oral care.

The specialty of pediatrics is to provide excellent and appropriate care not only to young children and teenagers but to also young adults in their 20s. The pediatric surgeons are well qualified to diagnose, treat and operate different conditions of your children. 

Some of the common surgeries are obesity, organ transplantation (such as liver or kidneys), endoscopic procedures (involves the use of scope), abnormalities of the body parts during childhoods and adults (such as undescended testis, anal atresia, hernia, etc), appendicitis (infected appendix), conjoined twins, birth defects (such as heart or structural defects) and many others.

Some of the duties they are expected to perform include patient’s consultation, reviewing their medical histories, ordering diagnostic tests when needed, and recommending treatment plans. Pediatrics also collaborate with other specialists to work and help children with problems. They also offer professional advice to parents on how to take good care of their sick children or the possible preventive measures against varying diseases.

Medical instruments can be scary for children. However, there are times when child and doctor establish a bond of trust which helps ease the anxiety of instruments.

We have doctors who have years of experience in pediatric surgery. Visit such specialists and your child will feel safe, be treated well and recover fast from the illness.

The main aim of pediatrics is to reduce the child and infant rate of deaths and control the spread of infectious disease, promote healthy lifestyles for a long disease-free life and help ease the problems of children and young adults with chronic conditions.

By providing a comprehensive range of care across numerous specialists, these surgeons will help set your child on a path to reach their fullest potential by caring for their physical as well as mental and emotional well-being through every stage of life.