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General Surgery Department

A surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents such as pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, liver, gall bladder, appendix and the thyroid gland (depending on local referral patterns). They also deal with diseases that involve skin, soft tissue, trauma, breast cancer, peripheral vascular surgery, and many others. They also perform endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy (used to diagnose gastric or duodenal ulcers) and colonoscopy (used to diagnose colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease). General surgeons are specialized into the following types of surgeries:

  • Trauma surgery

Often, they are the first port of call to critically ill or badly injured patients, and must perform a variety of procedures to stabilize those patients, such as thoracostomy (used for the treatment of collapsed lung), cricothyroidotomy (used to treat patient’s airway by making an incision through the skin and cricothyroid membranes), compartment fasciotomies (used to treat the loss of circulation to an area of tissue or muscle) and emergency laparotomy (related to abdominal organs) to cease bleeding.

  • Laparoscopic surgery

Gall bladders, appendices and colons can all be removed with this technique. Bariatric surgery can be performed laparoscopically to reduce wound complications in obese patients.

  • Colorectal surgery

This surgery treats a wide variety of major and minor colon and rectal diseases including inflammatory bowel diseases (such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease), diverticulitis, gastrointestinal bleeding and hemorrhoids.

  • Breast surgery

General surgeons perform a majority of all non-cosmetic breast surgery from lumpectomy to mastectomy, especially pertaining to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

  • Vascular surgery

This procedure is performed by vascular surgery specialist. General surgeons can perform vascular surgery if they receive special training and certification in it. However, they are capable of treating minor vascular disorders.

  • Endocrine surgery

Part of the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck and the adrenal glands just above each kidney in the abdomen can be removed through this surgery.

  • Transplant surgery

Responsible for all aspects of pre-operative, operative, and post-operative care of abdominal organ transplant patients including liver, kidney, pancreas and rarely small bowel.

  • Cardiothoracic surgery

Involved in the treatment of organs inside the thorax (the chest), conditions of the heart and lungs.

  • Skin grafting

Involved in removing skin from one part of the body and transplanting it to a different part of the body in order to protect covering of skin due to burns, injury or illness.

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