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General physician op at Aryan hospital

A general practitioner is a doctor who is responsible for diagnosing and caring for patients in routine cases, and usually refers people to specialists when specific treatments are required. Family physicians must have a medical degree and a license

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Many of the behaviours affect our health, such as difficulty sleeping, drug and alcohol use, smoking, parenting skills, domestic violence, weight loss or gain, lack of exercise, etc. Counsellors at Aryan hospital work with patients so they have an understanding of their behaviours and develop plans to adjust or manage their behaviour towards healthier options.

Our team of doctors, specialized nurses, chronic disease specialists, mental health counsellors, medical assistants, caseworkers and interpreters work as a team to provide the community with high-quality, integrated services focused on person care.

We evaluate everyone to determine if they are eligible for discounted services. Our price scale is very reasonable compare to other hospitals. We do not close the doors to any member for their inability to pay.

Primary Care by General physician at Aryan hospital

  • Physical exams, prevention and wellness visits, and vaccines
  • Diagnosis and treatment for chronic diseases
  • Minor injuries, aches and pains
  • Mental health guidance available during your appointment
  • Counselling to modify behaviour and lifestyle changes
  • Referrals to specialists, such as dentists and ophthalmologists
  • Minor surgical procedures and injury care
  • Tests and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

We at Aryan hospital emphasize preventive care and educate our patients about how life and work experiences influence work and home and how they can affect their overall health.

We provide an environment for children to grow up happy and healthy. The addition of pediatric services allows all family members to receive medical services at Aryan hospital. In addition to primary, preventive and acute care services for children, Aryan hospital offers a free application of fluoride from six months (or at the first eruption of teeth) at five years during primary development. Whether your child has private insurance, Medicaid, CHIP, or is not insured, Aryan hospital receives them all.

Aryan hospital is proud to be part of Bright Futures, which leads us to understand and offer resources to support families with the long-term health of their children. The quality of patient care is what distinguishes Aryan hospital. Our patients receive first-level care. The medical specialists and administrative staff provide you with exceptional medical care experience

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