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Eye Department

We provide the best eye care treatment of global standard at a reasonable cost. We employ modern tools and therapeutic equipment to assess our patient’s condition and through constant check-ups and allocation to our experienced professionals and experts. We have a group of specialists who have the expertise to treat all the different eye-related problems like glaucoma, cataracts, aesthetics, cornea related diseases, pediatric ophthalmic diseases or disorders.

Eye Services

The goal of ophthalmologists’ here is to eliminate the suffering caused by several eye disorders by providing the highest quality of surgical and medical eye care. The department offers a full complement of services such as:

  • Screening and Treatment of common eye diseases like glaucoma, cataract, crossed eyes, trauma, etc
  • Vision services like eye tests
  • Contact lens or spectacle prescriptions
  • Evaluation of the patient’s condition that may have virtual loss or grievances but does not know of the diagnosis.

Our state of the art infrastructure and multidisciplinary expertise ensures care for not just primary eye disorders but any other problems as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, stroke thyroid disorders, etc. Many eye diseases are related to certain medical conditions and we have varied specialists over other departments as well, refer patients to other specialties for evaluation and comprehensive treatment and guidance.

Why we are the best

The Department of Ophthalmology performs the most advanced surgical operations using reconstructive techniques. Not just catering to the adult, it caters to the pediatric crowd as well. We not only provide expert treatment and care for all kinds of eye problems but also we stress on a simple routine eye examination to assess the severe condition of the eye or its surrounding structures. Our specialists have been trained nationally and internationally. We have specially trained nurses to assist in the office and during surgical processes.

The department offers the following:

  • 24*7 Emergency Services( For cases of chemical contact or specific eye injuries)
  • Daycare services
  • Highly qualified eye specialists and support team
  • State of the art diagnostic technology

Patient’s Feedback

  • I was very worried about my condition but after coming here, I am only filled with gratitude. My doctors have not just saved me from complete blindness but with the modern eye facilities, I am given the best care and support of the team.  All services were exceptional. Thank you! – Vidya Thakur
  •  Best doctors. I got my eye treated and got relief in only 10 days. Their emergency service saved my sight. Will always recommend. Thanks!—Ashish B Iyer

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